term used internationally for an amphethamine derived from coca leaves, a.k.a. cocaine, or Columbian Marching Powder.
"Dude, you got any doggle?" (n.)
"Sweet! Let's get doggled." (adj.)
by bis January 31, 2005
Top Definition
An affectionate term of endearment for a dog, generally a small dog.
Hey doggle buddy - want to go for a doggle walk?!?!
by jalupa king February 23, 2010
noun: canine protective eyewear

origin: elision of the words "dog" and "goggles"
Fido's colorful bandana and jaunty doggles assured us of his continued status as gayest dog on the beach.
by KatieOh! September 18, 2006
it also means anal sex with animal, a word came from some sneaky Chinese dude with blinking eyes
did you doggle that buffalo?
by Ibrahim (UoC) September 20, 2008
The act in which a male anally penetrates a partner, while he/she prarie-dogs a long (usualy solidified) piece of fecal matter, therefore causing and increase in sexual pleasure.
Man,last night, stacy doggled me so good,i lost control and squirted greenish-brown loose stools all over the persian carpet
by C-Dogg 666 March 13, 2004
To waste time playing with the dog especially when you should be doing something else. Combination of "dog" and "dawdle." Also spelled dawgle. See also dogling, dawgling.
She tends to doggle with Fido and wastes half of the day.
by Gengen December 10, 2015

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