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3 definitions by bis

Cock Blocking oneself when the situation is 100% guaranteed.
I had a chief moment last night. I drove a girl home and she invited me in for coffee and I said I didn't like coffee.
by BIS September 15, 2012
term used internationally for an amphethamine derived from coca leaves, a.k.a. cocaine, or Columbian Marching Powder.
"Dude, you got any doggle?" (n.)
"Sweet! Let's get doggled." (adj.)
by bis January 31, 2005
popo- 1970s north-wales word for a cut, graze, bruise, spot, or scab. Usually found on the knees of children under the age of 12.
child "Boo hoo, I've got a popo", mummy: "there there, here is some savlon"
by Bis December 27, 2004