the act of intercoarse with some cunt in a car or in public
iam in mood for dogging
yeah well iam in the mood for you to shut the fuck up
suck my knob
with ''PLEASURE'' if you know what i mean
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
In Warcraft III, (either Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne), the practice of, when playing the Orc race, to select the Far Seer as the first hero and repeatedly "hero rush" the opponent's base using summoned Spirit Wolves to attack, usually targeting the workers (orc peons, human peasants, night-elf wisps, or undead acolytes).
Damn, that Far Seer is dogging me, I gotta sleep him and kill the wolves before they kill all my acolytes.
by Koby_Fish July 12, 2004
When a man is erect and simple wants to just relax for a while, "dogging" is when the girl bends over on all fours, with her butt in the air, and he simply sits on a chair and places his schlong ever so gently onto her buttcrack, resembling a hotdog.
Man, after my game last night I was so tired that my girl let me dog it with her for a while, I am telling you man i love dogging!
by Swindi May 08, 2008

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