A less than savory cigar. Named for the similar looking items dogs leave in the back yard.
Chuck gave me a cigar that his cousin said was a premium cuban, but it was a real dogrocket.

by DnnyD August 10, 2006
Top Definition
A term used by cigar connoisseurs to describe a sub par cigar.
Care for a Thompson? You really excpect me to smoke that dog rocket!?!? You'd best bust out with a Macanudo!!
by Abriel August 28, 2006
An elongated piece of dog shit.
"Damn it, I stepped on that dog rocket."

"Pick up the dog rockets and put 'em in the bag Clem. We're gonna shit bag Anderson's porch."
by miracle_max December 09, 2007
In Canada, a dog rocket refers to a hollowed out cigar filled with Marijuana. The term originally refers to a sub-par cigar, however it has evolved over the years to become a description for a blunt wrap, as most are poorly rolled and tend to resemble dog feces.
"I hope you guys don't skip class to go smoke a dog rocket"
by Seneca Pre Media MB 2013 October 03, 2013
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