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"dog's breakfast," which has been British slang for "a complete mess" since at least the 1930s. While no one took the time to write down the exact origin of the phrase, the allusion involved seems to be to a failed culinary effort, perhaps a burned or botched omelet, fit only for consumption by the mouth of last resort, Fido. As a vivid figure of speech meaning something so fouled up as to be utterly useless, "dog's breakfast" can cover anything from a play plagued by collapsing scenery to a space mission ruined by a mathematical error. "Dog's dinner," which seems to have appeared around the same time, means exactly the same sort of disaster, but has the advantage of being attractively alliterative. Both phrases are heard occasionally in the U.S., but are more common in the U.K. and Commonwealth countries.
That bedroom looks like a dog's breakfast. Clean it up man!
#mess #disaster #castastrophy #failure #dump
by jorgepj September 16, 2006
An unappealing mixture of many things... a hodgepodge... a disorganzined mess... but probably still usable (or consumable in the case of food.) From the idea that a dog will eat anything and feeding it a mixture of whatever is on hand. (Unappealing because only the dog finds its breakfast appealing... if you see or smell the dog food in the morning, as you're feeding the dog, it may well turn your stomach.)
Those contractors didn't do very good work and the made a real dog's breakfast of that job
by PlaceHolder June 16, 2004
when something is done in a very poor manner it is said to be a dogs breakfast
you have made a complete dog's breakfast of this
#cock up #mess #utter toilet #complete fist #nob
by frankie fester January 20, 2006
When you're a in a mad morning rush & dont have time to clean your teeth/deoderise or shower. You only have time for what the dog would do before he went out bum sniffing for the day. A piss & followed by dipping your face in a bowl of water
I woke up at 8.55 & had to go straight to work. I'm proper stinking, cos all i had time for was a Dog's Breakfast
#dogs breakfast #scouse shower #trampwash #mancunian bath #birkenhead #smackrat
by scousedom July 04, 2011
The human brain and what it's worth, according to author Kurt Vonnegut.
How could he have figured it out on his own using only that dog's breakfast between his ears?
#brain #mind #head #gray matter #thought #capacity
by J Mulkeen October 23, 2008
Usually eaten in morning - A dog's breakfast
Eat your breakfast dog.
by El_Nombre June 18, 2004
This is what a dog eats for breakfast. Probably a bonio.
DOn't eat all the bonios. theyre for the dog's breakfast
by moomin21 June 18, 2004
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