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full version is dog days of summer

time in the summer where it is so hot or humid that the dogs go crazy by barking or howling.'s so hot and the dogs are going crazy, it must be the dog days of summer
by mAGIK bUS July 11, 2005
hottest days of August; name is taken from the Great Dog (Canis Major) constellation and one of its stars: Sirius (which is brightest star of summer sky). Exactly first two weeks of August sun enters constellation of Canis Major. Hence the expression: Dog Days.
Dog Days were especially hot last summer.
by nelisek July 29, 2011
Acronym for Day Off Grog. A day on which you don't consume any alcohol at all. Opposite of cat day.
I've been giving it a nudge lately. I'd better have a couple of dog days.
by Ratbag Itinerant September 14, 2009
The state in which one is in such poverty, that they are forced to stimulate the dog to ejaculate with their hand for food for their cat.
These have been such dog days, I have had to jack the dog off to feed the cat!
by Neil White October 30, 2006

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