A term used to describe a more useless than tits-on-a-bull project that your useless fuck of an employer has you working on. And when it blows up in their face, they are asking why you didn't work hard enough.
Henry had me working in his shop for customers who only come in for samples and nothing else. That numbnut is running a real dog and pony show.
by straightpoolken September 18, 2004
working to hard for something that aint worth shit
My roommate spent 3 hours preping for a date, he turned the damn thing into a dog and pony show
by Goodpancakes February 23, 2004
when you get to a bar or club, and there is a line of yuppies down the block, and big black bouncers that won't let anyone in, and you have to piss so badly your bladder is going to rupture.
This is a real dog and pony show if i've ever seen one.
by Johhny Cockrane May 23, 2004

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