Making plans to chillax with one of the original "doctors" (A.K.A. badass dudes) in advance, as to warrant the label "appointment." Dissimilar to simply "hanging out" with a "doctor" for the fact that it takes planning in advance to have a "doctor's appointment" with one of the doctors.
Guy 1: "Dude, I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrrow, you want to come over?"

Guy 2: "F*CK YEA"
by drfooty January 15, 2011
Top Definition
A specific time set to see a medical doctor. The patient usually has booked the appointment months in advance to get the first available time. A sign in sheet is at the reception desk and the receptionist is pissed because you interrupted her cell phone texting. Then the patient is handed a stack of papers to fill out and told to have a seat. After not feeling well and stressing about what may be wrong then gets to wait in the crowded, germ filled room for another 2 hrs. After the doctors appointment one may find themselves wondering why they even went and if they will receive a letter from epidemiology saying they were exposed to some contagious disease.
I went to my doctors appointment today and read old magazines in a germ filled, dirty waiting room for 2 hrs. When the medical assistant called me in I waited for another 1/2 hr in the exam room to see the doctor for 5 mins. However, I should feel lucky because I have an HMO that tells my doctors how to practice medicine.
by kaneki September 26, 2009
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