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a documentary
a dockside stevador
a titanium cheezeboard
"there was this doco on the doco strike from 1974 on TV last nite"
"Wow, that must have been choco with doco bits"
by keith mitchelson September 19, 2003
18 11

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Television Documentory
"nothing much mate. Just watching a Doco"
by anonymous September 22, 2003
24 9
a document
You have the doco ready for me?
by piewire September 19, 2003
15 13
the sexiest teacher alive. Not only is he supposedly smart enough to have a doctor title, he also has the right to declare young girls skanks and treat people like crap...but with those huge glasses and stupid ass jokes, he'd make any girls heart melt.
that doc-o, what a hottie
by pulease February 03, 2005
2 3
Using the bathroom, especially number 2.
Man, I had to take a big, old doco.
by Doco The Magic Dragon September 04, 2003
6 18