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A girl that waits at the dock everyday for charter fishing boats to come in so she can flirt with the mates and other boys. Mainly happens in small towns where there isn't a lot to do. She goes from boy to boy and goes from meeting them to hooking up with them just as quickly.
Alice is such a dock whore, she has been down her everyday of her vacation and she just met him yesterday and stayed at his house last night.
by tightlines May 26, 2011

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a female who waits at the docks, waiting for ships to come in so she can service the crew, see also crewback

Shelb: Hey Chris, where's your sister?
Chris: I think she said she was going to watch the USS Nimitz come into port
Shelb:....yeah....she's a dockwhore
Chris: Fu....nah, you're right.....damn
by Darth Wells October 16, 2007