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Fremantle Dockers. A extremely bad Australian Rules football Club. Probably have the worst history of any sporting organisation in the world. Commonly known as "The Loser's Club" or "The Shockers". Their branding is an anchor which symbalises the struggle of a club sinking to the depths of despair. Their supporters are known to complain non-stop about everything from umpires to the media having it in for them. Generally they are just laughed at.
Gee the Dockers Shockers were awful this week.
by A real supporter April 27, 2006
41 43
Part of Craprate America's uniform. Also used as a mind control tool to keep its employees down and stupid. Designed to make you look fat and less intelligent than well-heeled C-level executives.
Hey, did you get the new memo?
Yeah, no more jeans. Dockers and polo shirts.
Wonder if we should sing when they put the chains on?
by dethscul July 21, 2005
17 20
A Gay Homosexual from Northern England Preferably Liverpool
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
16 20
some one who partakes in docking on a regulr basis! usually on a saturday night!
famous for the phrase 'once you dock you just cant stop'
john - what you been upto???
Adam - went for a spliff and a night of heavy docking! once you dock you just cant stop!
john - your a proper docker you!
by the mighty ring master March 31, 2009
7 13
To Give Aids To Anything with a pulse.
I dockered Some Bitch Last Night
by Crigga September 07, 2006
12 18
A homsexual male who enjoys taking it up the arse. also gains pleasure from shoving metal rods up his urethra and like to participate in doing this with other males.
1st Man: "Ur a twat!"
2nd Man: "Well ur a Docker!"
1st Man: "Thats Fuckin harsh!!"
14 23
alternative to townie. people who wear fake bright yellow burberry, helly hansen, kickers etc
'look at those fuckin dockers'
by bade July 24, 2003
9 18