A homsexual male who enjoys taking it up the arse. also gains pleasure from shoving metal rods up his urethra and like to participate in doing this with other males.
1st Man: "Ur a twat!"
2nd Man: "Well ur a Docker!"
1st Man: "Thats Fuckin harsh!!"
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Someone who takes part in a particular gay foreplay act.
....As defined in the disinformation series "book of Lists" a Male who massages and wraps his uncircumsised foreskin around the head of his partners circumsised penis.
by Prince Andrew December 25, 2004
Nice pants. Very nice pants.
You are wearing Dockers.
by GoodfellaSnoop October 31, 2004
Nickname or brand name for pants, usually the orginal khaki color.

Dockers brand is Levi Strauss & Co's business/casual line, marketed to middle-aged, middle-income people to be moderately fashionable. Khaki pants cost around $45 - $55.
I'm gonna wear Dockers with my Hawaiian shirt to work this Friday.
by Coell July 25, 2005
1. A half smoked cigarette usually found on sidewalks and various other places.
2. A person who smokes dockers.
"That dude is sick, he smokes dockers."
by Tom September 30, 2003
West Indies slang (particularly St. Vincent & the Grenadines)for sunglasses.
"The sun is bright where are my dockers!?!"
by Lady Jade July 18, 2006
a mixture between a townie and a poser. a docker will be between the age of 15 and 20, pretend to be hard as nails and wear the usual checked ben sherman or burberry, trousers and kickers. hair gel slapped on by the gallon and combed straight forward.
'look at that stupid docker!!! '
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
the act of sticking two fingers in a male's anus and one (exaggerated) in the urethra.
man: you look hot tonight

person 2: you're turning me on.... i think tonight i'll give you the docker

man: excellent.
by livethefunlife November 10, 2010

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