A combination of the words; dumbo, dongo, donk and dodo. It is used as a non-derogetory term to insult people.
You're a massive dobo! Why did you make that stupid mistake?
by BlownTyre July 08, 2013
Top Definition
-acting and/or carrying yourself in a selfish way.
-being stupid.
-something ignornant, dumb., nonsense
ex: Josh, you are so dobo.
ex: Eating Ajax is a pretty dobo idea, Harjinder.
by Dr. Bekim Taci November 16, 2006
one who is of the homosexual perference,a.k.a. loves the cock.
Dude, you're such a gay dobos for saying that!
by the kid next door March 20, 2005
a combination of a hobo and a dodo bird the bird that died of stupidity
by Polly the seahorse May 02, 2010
A double-sided dildo. Not to be confused with "hobo".
by espy_agitprop September 24, 2003
neo nazi, born in the 21st century, came into power in 2004.
"omg u hear about that dobo, he pwnz the planet now"

"last nite i lookd out my wind0w, and dobo was sayign HACK TEH PLANET, HACK TEH PLANET!!!111"
by BULLETMIND August 27, 2004
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