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A living creature with very noticeably low intelligence.
Sarah Palin is often seen as a not-so-distant relative of the dodo bird.
by TheyCallMeTori September 29, 2008
a do do bird is an ugly bird that looks like nav
do do bird(crow)
by kengi kashiwagilol October 14, 2009
Someone who starts sleeping with another person and then falls for them although they know they are just sex buddies
That girl is such a dodo bird, he told her he just wanted to have fun. She was just a booty call and she caught feelings.
by grumpy10 April 06, 2011
When one reads the definitions of the various sex moves on Urban Dictionary such as the strawberry shortcake and Alabama hot pocket, and attempts to perform them with their sex partners. this is called the DODO Bird because only someone as dumb as a DODO Bird is said to be would perform such disgusting sexual positions risking the well being of their own immune systems
all those people who saw wat a Alabama hot pocket was and did it are some DODO birds. i mean who Shits in someones PUSSY? cumonnnn now.
by The Black Cassanova June 29, 2009
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