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One of the rare series which contains no scene of violence nor sex. Beautiful pictures, beautiful music and various characters. Ideal for children or those who like kid-friendly anime.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
An anime, in where Niwa Daisuke turns into the kaitou Dark at age 14, as does every male Niwa. Daisuke transforms into Dark when he ('basically') sees his crush, Risa. Daisuke will remain having Dark as an Alter Ego until he can get Risa to like him back. That might be a while, considering that Risa likes only one person - Dark. Risa's twin sister, Riku, likes Daisuke.

Now, because Dark is a thief, (hence the 'kaitou Dark' as his nickname) the police are always out to get him, especially Hiwatari Satoshi. Satoshi is a genius boy who is in Daisuke's class. He seems to know more about Dark and Daisuke than he lets on, though...

Although the anime is much worse than the manga, this anime is very easy to like. The name might be odd, but it'll make sense after a while. At least you can't mispronounce it.
D.N. Angel is an anime. Anime is typically cool.
I think that D.N.Angel is a very interesting series, that will keep you intertained for a long time.
DNAngel is very very great!
by Kyle Smith April 21, 2005
Good pictures, crappy story.
I don't even watch anime but I defined DNAngel anyway
by Latin scholar December 10, 2004
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