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dmy means 'Don't mess yourself' which is a popular expression coined by the Valley Girl crowd.
'All right, all right, DMY!' - Lisa Simpson
'I know what that means young lady' - Principal Skinner
by matt cardwell October 17, 2005
a quick and easy way to say delight my scrotum.

also can be used to say dust my snatch.
hey rayko, can you d my s real quick?
by addie farr January 22, 2008
a valley girl expression, dont mess yourself
She said "I'm gonna go throw up because i had and extra piece of pizza." And I was all like "like, umm, dmy"
by i hates the valleys October 19, 2003
1) dont Wordshit your self
2) dont jerk off as to ejaculate all over yourself.
Spastic: Fuck me have you seen the new gordon?

American: Dude DMYS!
by 7W1n5 July 07, 2003
Don't Mind You.
Origin: Mainly west Africa. Means i will not pay attention to what your saying. i wont mind you.
Mary: I hate Ama's skirt.
Kofi: dmy, ddnt u say u liked it this morning.
by jez the berry April 19, 2008
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