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acronym for "doesn't matter had sex"
todd: hey bill i heard she gave you crabs
bill: dmhs
by rodgerrabbit September 19, 2011
Drugs, Money and Hoes
Im going out to get some D.M.H.
by The 420 Zone September 11, 2014
Doesn't Matter, Had Steam
Steve: Shit man, you've got the 9 years of service badge on your Steam account?
Rory: I made a steam account when Half-Life 1 came out then didn't use it for 6 years.
Steve: DMHS
by Spongina December 31, 2013
Dat Mah Huzband," as in "That My Husband." An alternative to the other, catchy phrase "That My Wife.
Look at him, he got DMH potential.
by TechnicalDifficulties May 23, 2011
Demented Mountain Hick
look at that DMH....
by DMHgirl December 29, 2010
Death Match Hero. Used to describe a player in a team based computer game (such as Quake CTF) who plays to get many frags rather then helping the team win.
Bungle is quite a DMH.
by gak September 14, 2006
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