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this is my friend hes an idiot and funny he gets 16's on his tests but hes mad stupid he thinks hes cool and funny wen really everyone makes fun of him he gives everyone a boom clique stunna and hes a mentally retarded miister
by my buddy devon January 16, 2013
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1. Noun: A D-shaped lock used for clamping a bicycle to various objects specifically used to keep it secure in public places. Requires Key to Unlock.

2. Verb: Using said Lock around a victims neck. Causing severe annoyance and mild pain for prolonged periods of time due to the key being hidden/swallowed. Best reults at keggers and at house parties. Reasonably Humourous
1. Will somebody buy me a D-Lock? I'm scared my bike will be looted!

2. D-Lock that fucking Nazi Kid! He tried to rape a 14 year old!
by Warnes August 09, 2006
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