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Doctors note to signify an illness , usually imaginary reported by an old p
erson who should be dead anyway.
"Dont Know Dont Care"
by Doc johnson October 14, 2003
6 20
(pronounced dee-keh-duh-see) Don't know, don't care
Q: What page is our chemistry homework found on?
A: dkdc
by Julian EM December 11, 2006
54 19
Don't know, don't care
"Hey guys look at this it's so cool what do you think it is?"


by Enigma December 31, 2004
44 9
acronym for the words "don't know, don't care"; an apathetic response, used dramatically, especially regarding a gossip topic
Person 1 (questions): "Did you see in the tabloid that says Brad and Amanda split? I wonder if they split?
Person 2 (response): "DKDC!" (Don't know, don't care!)
by yeahrightasif February 15, 2010
9 5
Don't Know, Don't Care
First person: " Hey, did you hear about the new tax millionaires will now have to pay for hiring illegals?"

Second: " DKDC." .... " Ya'll want fries with that?"
by Karuza March 05, 2011
4 2
Don't know, Don't care. You usually say it to someone that asks you something gayer then shit that you either dont know but 99% of the time do not give a flying fuck about.
"Do you think church is worth it?"
"dkdc douche."
by twilth November 08, 2009
6 7
Don't know. Don't care. Use it in a text
Ex gf: heyy boi what's up?? Guess what I'm doing tonight?
Her: what??? Cmon b nice
You: fukk off
by Me=^_^stoned March 23, 2009
5 8
An acronym representing "Don't Know, Don't Care". Its true birthplace was in the ProjectMayhem IRC Channel - by user Ayan4m1.

The mystical birth of this acronym began on the eve of Thanksgiving in 2006 as a response to a small annoying user talking about creating a mathematical algorithm to predict PMS cycles.
P1: Hey, want to hear about how I scored with three chicks last night?
P2: ... DKDC
by Dtrinh November 22, 2006
19 22