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Female description of a large segmentation of the Las Vegas population.

Can be seen dancing uncontrollably with a vodka cranberry in hand ready to spill on an unsuspecting club goer.

Generally does not think before speaking and has nothing to offer society except good looks.

Cases of "Dizzy Bitch" can be both temporary and permanent alike.
1) Look at that dizzy bitch over there, she just spilled her drink all over that dudes lap.

2) Rehab at Hard Rock is dizzy bitch central.
by DB Observer April 04, 2008
1. Crazy, PMSing all the time, teenage girl.
2. Term of endearment between yo bros.
1. That chick is a DIZZY bitch, stay AWAY!
2. What up, my dizzy bitch?
by bradthedutch April 11, 2006
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