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Diventity is a generic concept that links diversity, density, and identity, defined as such:

Diventity is the quality that allows identity to emerge from the density of diversity, when that density reaches a particular level or critical mass.
"An ecosystem has Diventity if the diverse species of fauna and flora meet in the right density to create an emergent, sustainable identity, for example a tropical jungle."

"The European Union is a new identity emerging from the diverse identities of its constituent nations: it has a Diventity."

"Manhattan has diventity, since its identity stems from the large number of diverse communities living and interacting within a relatively small territory."

"A symphony has diventity since it is defined by the diversity of instrument scores, each scores itself has diventity since it is defined by the diversity of notes that makes it up; conversely, a collection of notes does not automatically make up a symphony, but perhaps cacophony."
by quacrobat September 09, 2007
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