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A superficically dumb valley chick, with no common sense what so ever. Usually of white race, rich, and pretty. Often uses words such as "like", "oh my gosh", "oh my goodness", "that is like so not cool at all", "dude".
Oh my gosh, I like so want to go to the mall dude...

I am a preppy bitch, not a ditz .. hehe get that straighten out dude!
by Lori Inthisone May 28, 2004
Someone who isn't necessarly stupid, they just lack good judgement in their decisions and good common sense. Most of the ditz girls I've met have been pretty, I guess they think pretending to be stupid makes them sound cute.
The boys don't care that she's a ditz, they seem to buzy looking at her chest.
by I_Don't_care February 27, 2007
A scatterbrained or eccentric person.
a dumb lame or stupid person.
by folo January 24, 2005
a giddy or frivolous person (often female)
Brittany Spears is such a ditz.
by Light Joker September 01, 2005
A ditz, or a ditzy person is someone who is being stupid or day dreaming. It can also be a person of random inclination.
Sarah: Look, I'm a bunny *boingboingboing*
Sammy: Sarah, you are such a ditz sometimes!
by The Quintessential August 24, 2009
a person (usually female) who acts unnecessarily stupid in an attempt to look cute.
"OH new mexico isnt in MEXICO?"

"omg like i had no idea that u like left"

"ugh that girl is such a ditz. i jst wana stab her in the face. twice. then thro her off a cliff. twice."
by ihatedumbsluts40187 May 02, 2010
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