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An action that involves ditching someone for someone else
Person 1: oh my god, so my boyfriend and I were supposed to go to a movie together but he hung out with his friend instead!
Person 2: no way! thats so ditchy!
by orangejuice1012 June 04, 2010
A jerk like person, or a useless person. the word derives from the phrase "ditch weed" which is useless weed that can't do anything, thus, ditchy
He was being super Ditchy today, did you see him touch her ass?
by Alice D'Claire October 07, 2009
Low-grade, less than stellar, shitty, crappy, rundown.
(Orig. ditch weed)
Nate tooked like a tool showing up at prom with his ditch 1992 Lexus with rust spots.
Even with the new paint job, the house on the corner still looks ditchy with the broken screen door.
by Lisa N September 02, 2005
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