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1. A man of very unusual humor, consistently finding and using strange and lewd comments. Also, one who doesn't "beat around the bush".

2. One who is fascinated by fire and explosions.

3. The Provoker of naughty behavior

4. One who you don't want to piss off for the fear of violent and painful consequences.
Damn, he is one disturbed child!
by SinPathetic12 July 26, 2008
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Any retard that listens to the shitty band, Disturbed.

The average Disturbed fan.
Dan: "Why does Mike like Disturbed so much?"

Chris: "He's a Disturbed Child."

Dan: "Child? But he's 20..."

Chris: "Any dumbass that listens to Disturbed has the mind of a child."
by NiggerMutilator September 14, 2011
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