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A dissbate (or disbate) is an inflammatory 'dialogue' or argument that is actually two or more people insulting each other rather than trying to get their points across in a reasonable meaningful way. Often occurs in bars. It also occurs a lot on the comments section of political blogs where people think they are debating a point but actually their points are either highly inflamatory, insulting or ad-hominem name calling. There seems often to be an element of courage dot com involved.
An example of a dissbate is:
Commenter A: George W Bush is the best goddam president this country has ever had and you're just a dumbass Defeatocrat liberal if you don't think so...
Commenter B: George W Bush is an asshole and you don't know shit cause you're a dumbass fascist asshole yourself...

If someone was capable of overhearing this conversation they may say: Man their argument started off ok but now it's devolved into a dissbate...
by Goodnight Dick December 02, 2006
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