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A state of shock or confusion induced by seeing attractive breasts.
After seeing the rack on the new waitress, Joe was totally discomboobulated and forgot what he wanted to order.
by fakebarney June 09, 2011
Having discomfort with your boobs; breasts are feeling uncomfortable and irritable.
Jenny: "Why is Sarah such a bitch lately?"

Fred: "Well, her breasts have been a bit discomboobulated lately."
by Flipflop510 March 29, 2010
When one boob is out of the bra and the other is not.
Look at her chest! She's all discomboobulated!
by manmichase May 30, 2013
to be f*cked up beyond recognition due to mind altering substances.
I'm discombo.. I'm disco bob...I'm discomboobulated...Hell, I'm fucked up...
by Alex "Scooby" Smith February 10, 2006