Ginger oaf from Hexham. Raspy at counter strike. Raspy at BMX. Raspy at life. Lightweight, hard to understand, throws up in own bed. See Geordie.
"Why aye man you've done a disco stu and thrown up in your own bed"

"Why aye man you can't hit shit as ct"

"Why aye man youse a raspy cunt like disco stu"
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
Top Definition
One of the coolest characters in The Simpsons. He is perenially traped in the '70s during the height of disco.
Disco Stu dosen't advertise
by Disco Stu September 25, 2003
A one gag character from a rummage sale whose popularity increases exponentially upon revisit.
Disco Stu should have disco ducked.
by dblah August 06, 2004
tall guy with stupid hair, likes to think he gets loads of fit women but doesn't
by anon September 16, 2003
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