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a permiscous woman, one who has sex alot. Comes from the seman running down a womans leg after sex. A whore
Stay away from her she is a dirtyleg
by Jeremy December 03, 2002
A Dirty Leg is a slutty redneck type girl. AKA A Dirty Bird. Usually found drunk and smoking a cig. Term probably comes from the assumption that something is dripping down her leg.
Where'd you find that Dirty-Leg you were with last nite? I picked her up at Coyote's.
by rufusjonz December 01, 2006
Derogatory term for a female, usually implying that she is a trashy, low income trailer park skank.
Simone is a little dirty legs. She has been fucking old men since she was 12.
by Payton A July 15, 2005
it is a term used to describe a skanky or trashy woman.
We are about to head up to the bar and try to being back some dirty leg.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
The quiet, silent, gal in your office who has more miles on her than Liz Taylor's mattress with questionable hygienic practices. Oft times you can see the fluid building up in her shoes.
That Gevevieve is one gigantic dirty leg.
by James March 10, 2004
a dirtyleg is a girl that loves to have a good time and it doesn't matter who with. She is the most hated girl at a party by the girls because most guys are flocking to her knowing they will get laid. Also someone you can call on at a short notice to party with. booty call
I called me a dirtyleg last night cause I was bored, and she got me stiff as a board! If you wanna get laid I know a dirtyleg we can call.
by jeremy sandifer February 15, 2009
Dirty-Leg- The one thing that every guy wants. Pussy.
Pussy, the one body part on a female that every guy wants to shove into.
by ac2006XC June 19, 2004

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