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The act of explaining to your friends a fashion faux pas while repeatably deep-throating a banana covered thickly in peanut butter.
Did you see that Wesley Snipes was wearing a short sleeve shirt with a blazer? Jerry Seinfeld had to go and give him a dirty banana in order to teach him the proper shirt-blazer combination.
by Master Tardbater November 06, 2013
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A blended alcoholic beverage comprised of rum, banana puree and ice. The dirty banana was 1st concocted by Carnival Cruise Lines.
David Hasselhof drank so many dirty bananas he made love to Ozzy Osbourn instead Sharon after the taping of America's Got Talent. Of course Ozzy was so krunk he loved it too.
by Rip Fritzer May 25, 2010
The penis of a African American.
Dirty bananas are usually large.
by Jingly Johny May 01, 2009
When a female covers a man's cock with honey, and after rolling it in the dirt, he penetrates her vagina repeatedly.
You'll be glad that's the case after you take this dirty banana!
by Cheeno terrible March 29, 2011
when you fuck an ass and he/she goes down on u until u cum
fucking a face with a shitty dick eg: dirty banana
by Cat lennon July 29, 2006

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