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A girl is giving a blow job and when the man cums in her mouth she is punched in the stomach. this will cause her to drool and the cum will look like walrus tusks
I like doing the dirty walrus.
by Alicia A. January 29, 2008
31 18
what matt wilken does for fun on the weekends
Matt: Wanna go do sum dirty walrus's?
Dan: Go die in a fire.
by Dan December 18, 2003
11 49
This occurs late at night when two people visit a cemetary. A recently baried women (a week or two old) is dug up. One starts to eat out her pussy while the other person jumps on her stomach, squirting guts into the other's mouth. Not surprisingly, this is mostly done in Cali.
Last night, Bob and I went out for a plesant dirty walrus.
by Jake J. December 17, 2003
24 67