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When engaging in sex from behind the male in the situation pulls out and ejaculates on to the back of the female and promptly pulls her in for some sweet spooning action. All along this ejaculatory fluid is drying to a "crust" Upon waking from the sex induced slumber you have just enjoyed you feed her the "crust" like a potato chip. Betcha can't have just one.
A: You want to do what to Eva Mendes??
B: I totally would give Eva Mendes a Dirty Potato Chip!!
A: You mean you would unknowingly feed her your dry cum??
B: Yes, Yes I would!
A: I totally Dirty Potato Chipped your mom!
by Amandaholes October 20, 2007
the act of blowing a massive triumphant load in a girls anal hole and taking a blow drier and cramming it in her ass and when it dries take it out and make her eat it
i dirty potato chipped that bitch and it had a hint of tootsie roll in it
by Erica Wogomon February 03, 2008
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