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when a man inserts his penis into his sexual partners anus and then pulls out and has feces (shit) on his penis, and then receives part of a blow job from a second sexual partner before re-inserting his penis into the first ones anus and repeating aforementioned actions
friend 1:dude last night i walked in on my room mate getting it on with two chicks
friend 2: damn he's good
friend 1: naw dude he gave her a dirty popsicle, it was nasty
friend 2: damn thats fucking gross
by NAMtheMANwithNOplan October 02, 2010
When you stick your throbbing tube sausage across your taint, placing it within your badonkadonk which is then preceded by having a girl licking your penis clean until your boner goes away; like when a girl licks a fudgesicle until it’s gone.
Dang I was hard as a rock, but that bitch aint fine, so I told that butter face that she could suck my dirty popsicle.
by Tripvan Smithers September 04, 2007

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