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the act of being tea-bagged by a group of blind, unshowered black men.
a dirty kevin is like a shitload of foul smelling bats flying into your face.
by cockpit July 13, 2008
When a crawfish rams a peace pipe up your ass and claws your junk at the same time.
Kevin was ramming the peace pipe up his ass while baiting the crawfish to bite his junk, all the while the woman was saying what are you doing my native american friend, a dirty kevin?
by Wayne the wheel June 18, 2009
When 2 males are together, one male drives a spoon all the way into the others rectum and then retrives it with there mouth and eats the contents...
Antoine give his grandmother such a bad dirty kevin she coudn't walk for the rest of her short lived life.
by Suck-my-cock July 15, 2006

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