what usually found riding a harley
It was funny when the dirtbag on the harley crashed into the truck.
by Zack Morris May 07, 2003
person who is unattractive.

person who has slept with a lot of people.
michael- yo do you see that shouty (female)?

Aaron- who Shan?

michael- yea

aaron- she a dirt bag
by Sw33tNYCandie July 25, 2009
Dirtbagz are grott, they tend to approach you with foul manners using the occasional friendly gesture. they spend time rubbing poles and pointing out the most outrageous things. They are rude and obnoxious and generally are break dancing alcoholics.
Wow! Look at those break dancing alcoholic dirtbags... oh its just Mark and tim..
by lil =) June 23, 2007
The term comes from the ancient Greek meaning "You are so freaking filthy that my outhouse holds its breath when you get near it" Thanks to our loving and accepting modern day society, the word has now become an appropriate replacement for words such as sluts, people with unibrows, gays, steroid users like Barry Bonds, hicks, cheaters, and people that will do anything to put themselves ahead and feel no shame whatsoever.
"Wow that bitch has a thousand and three STDs. I'm pretty sure she's been a dirtbag the last couple of months."
by professorTerminology August 03, 2006
One who stinks and has a stupid, loud, car, that pretends it isnt a neon.
This kid named Finck is a dirtbag.
by Olorin May 27, 2006
60's slang for a used condom.
Who left his dirtbag here?!
by someone November 09, 2004
dirty std carrying whore
Maia is a fucking dirty STD carrying whore
by maia January 24, 2004

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