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an opposite of a gold digger. at an upscale party most women won't consider you even if you're good looking, unless you have money. most of them tramps are gold diggers. well, a dirt digger actually will fuck you even if you're just an average income guy.
guy1: dude, i was at the W hotel celebrity party last night.. there were some fine ass bitches there dude, i could tell some of them liked me, but i had no chance with them since i dont drive a lambo. so towards the end of the night i got lucky and actually took a girl home without using the roofies!

guy2: found yourself a dirt digger out of the whole crowd after all huh?

guy1: fuck yeah. she even licked my ass!
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 07, 2010
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A dirtdigger is a person who digs dirt in another person's (man or woman) rectum. In other words, if you see pictures of somebody with his or her arm dug deep into another person's rectum; that's a dirtdigger.

Can also be used as a verb. "Dirtdigging"
"Hey, do you know that guy John?"
"-Yeah, he's a dirtdigger, isn't he?"

"I spend most of my spare time dirtdigging."
by Bo Bacon December 23, 2005
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An obscene name for an African american.

Other words include
Jungle bunny
Chocolate Man
Sand people
look at that Dirt Digger Dealing crack to little kids, all them Dirt Diggers over there should be shot.
by Caboose Carrie September 20, 2006
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Term used to describe those who frequently indulge in 'bum sex' or 'anal sex'.
Random 1: Dude have you seen the video of Tim butt fucking Becky?

Random 2: Yea what a dirt digger
by charlie_e123 April 04, 2010
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BMX or mountain bike rider(s) who actually builds the trails of jumps and other obstacles.
Look at those "dirt diggers", they've been out here for a week and only built two jumps.
by Louie Park March 19, 2007
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A person or group who sole mission in life is to uncover defamatory content about other people in other to discredit them.
See Joe-Shmo over there? that dude has his nose all up Jim Bob's butt, digging for dirt to put on him, just because Jim attracts more girls. What a jealous Dirt Digger!
by Hater of Haters May 17, 2011
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