short form of dirty used only by the super elite.
"man that test was dirt!"
#dirty #bad #horrible #awful #hard
by B__dizzle June 21, 2006
One who is unclean and likes to be a nub.
Stevie Lynn Hammond. Also known as Kid, Buddy, Stupy, Nubbie and (dirt).
by Uninanimous Dude April 19, 2005
A reply to something you've heard that is utterly disgusting.
Simply coz dirt can be disgusting, i guess
Person A: Timmy got drunk and shat all over himself
Person B: Aww dirt!
by dancer01 March 29, 2005
Undisirable females, but, when drunk they seem to suffice in the bedroom department
" Is right Boy! them dirts are comin' down on saturday, fuckin Cowpin' all round Brother! "
by John Gaskell May 28, 2004
to kill; put under the the dirt
'i be dirtin those people on gta3'
'you better durt him'
by mello December 11, 2003
Nasty things
a 80 year old women making out with her husband in public
by Jazmin July 06, 2003
nasty, skuzzy people who dont know how to shower. and live their life as if if they were living underground or persay, in all dirt
That kid who hung himself hung out with all the dirts thank god thats one less.
#dirt #dirts #dirty #gross #filth
by JustANobodyyyy December 12, 2010
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