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Stands for "Only Identifiable By Book." Used to name people you never knew exsisted untill you found them in the yearbook.
"I've never seen him before, he must be O.I.B.B."
by Aktion_T4_1942 November 27, 2005
Used to describe and label the majority of the poor white trash that infests our towns, cities, and of course public high schools.
EX1) His head is shaved, he is wearing a stained South Pole shirt, charcoal grey jeans and no-name white trainers. He also smells like an ashtray and has the IQ equal to a ham. He must be a dirt.

EX2) That herd of dirts are on the street corner listening to a pirated CD of 50 Cent and smoking Newports.
by Aktion_T4_1942 November 27, 2005
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