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A deformed nipple.
When he took his shirt off, everyone noticed his dirp.
by jasom February 09, 2004
Is an acronym for a disgusting infant like raunchy penis.

Can also be used as an expression of complete suprise.

Could also be used as a reaction to something completely stupid.

Holy fuckin' DIRP!

Can you believe that DIRP!
by Mr. Dirp July 10, 2008
A loud and abrupt sound in anticipation for extreme doings. Use can be found in Beverly Hills Ninja.
Dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!! Ahhhh! I burned myself!
by Champagne December 06, 2003
The process of breaking a baby's pelvis whilst fucking it too hard. Considered mildly offensive.
I dirped a baby last night and it didn't even cry!
by Weird Al Yankadick April 11, 2005