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1: A compound word holding its origins from dirka, as in relation to Team America. Used to refer to a person of Middle Eastern descent. And "donk" a suffix in relation to badonkadonk an ‘ebonic’ expression meaning extremely curvaceous female gluteal muscles.
2: A word used to reference the curvaceous buttocks of a Middle Eastern woman.
1: Mahmud turned to Abdul and said, "Bless Ali-baba datz a "dirkadonk"...damn"
2: Tom called his friend Rob to let him know he was "hooking up" with the chick from 7-11. "Sup Rob, I'm gettn' me some "dirkadonk" to night...from the dirka at the 7-11.
3: After a long day of water boarding dirty terrorist, Private 1st Class Ace and his buddies like to relax by "dirkadonk" hunting at the local nightclubs.
by d0nt n0 January 12, 2010
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