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dippy thirty= when your hangin with your brohans and u gota couple of hours to spare you throw in a new dip of chew weather it be expensive skoal or cheap husky , every half hour till your lip is raw. also the best kinda dippy thirty is when your group all has grizzly brand tabacco .
jake- hey man wat you doin?
Wujek- notthin wanna dippy thirty ?
jake - yea lets hit up shane to buy for us.
*phone call*
shane- hey wats up bitches?
jake and wujek- nottin wanna buy for us and go on a dippy thiry ?
shane - yea man lets rip some CHAW!
jake and wujek- allright man get sum of that sweet ass grizzly long cut wintergreen none of taht other pussy bullshit chew.
shane - allright see u in 15

* end of convo*
by applebottomwuuj April 30, 2009
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