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To stick one's own ballsack into a woman's vagina. Also can be called "Ball-Fucking"
Dude! I totally went dipping last night!
by B the Ballsack January 26, 2011
"dipping" or "dip", is the act of running and hiding while doing so.
"oh shit thats my dad! Im dipping!"
"oh shit! Im out!"

-runs hiding behind cars- -dips into allyway-
by Kiki-Crazed September 10, 2009
Using confidential legal information to undermine a suspect's legal due process.
That bitch be dipping in my case.
by MoonMon April 25, 2014
An attempt at something, or trying to do something
"I'm going to wait till college till I start with my cocaine dippings"

Says Ashley
by Dar-ron June 19, 2005
To move extremely quickly.
"After Ja-Kwon robbed the liqour store, he was dipping from the authority."
by Victoria Bones December 29, 2007
The sexual act of inserting your penis into an unsuspecting (usually) person's handbag.
you see that cute blonde at the bar. i just got off on dipping her handbag. i'm going to have to go finish myself off in the toilets..
by richard D April 26, 2007
When a man with a large dong can dip his member into the water in the bottom of a toilet while standing up having a piss.
Alex: Hows it going in there?
Phil: It's dipping!
by Ben cornell September 04, 2006