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A sexual position more commonly known as the pile driver in which the woman sticks her ass in the air while the man points his penis downward and squats to penetrate after which he repeats until he realizes it's way to uncomfortable for either party to climax.
(Johnny) Damn man, why you look so tired?
(Davey) I tried dip donging Tammy last night and all I got was charlie horses and her bitching at me about how much her neck and ass hurt afterwards.
by Irving Fryer July 06, 2010
A politically appropriat and openly acceptable term for dip shit with out profanity

A person who is of minimal intelect. Someone who is not capeable of intelagent conversatin. Completely devoid of general intelagence. Mildly toleralbe in short amounts of time. Very irritating in social settings.
That Dip dong got caught looking at roses butt.

Jeff;"Steve is the biggest dip dong I have ever met."

Nikki;" Why what did he do?"

Jeff;"He got caught by the cops loitering and prowling around his ex's house."

Nikki;" Your right what a Dip Dong."
by KornyJeff May 03, 2009
1 - A situation you don't want to be in.

2 - A situation in which you need to be bailed out of.
by DipdongDipdong August 01, 2008
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