When you stick your dick into a woman's vagina, but then pull out. If done quickly enough, it doesn't count at sex.
I was about to fuck this girl, but then I saw a red bump near her pussy, so I did the dip test.
by Tim June 03, 2004
Top Definition
When a woman surreptitiously fingers herself to distinguish whether she's started her period or it's simply vaginal discharge.
I got nervous cause I felt a wet tingle, so I had to duck into my cubicle and do a dip test and it was allllll good!
by Ms. Dip Tester April 17, 2007
When you're making out with someone and you discretely put your fingers in the target area and then secretly smell your fingers to see if it's safe to go "down there."
I was making out with this chick and before I went down there, I did a dip test. Man, was I glad I did, because it was NOT safe to go down there. The dip test SAVED me.
by boilingover December 07, 2008
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