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4 definitions by Markytheballa3

The process of putting a finger in a girl's vagina then subtly bringing the finger up to your nose and smelling it. Is done in order to determine if the girl smells good enough to go down on.
Thank god I used the dip n' sniff test on that girl I brought home last night. My finger smelled like I dipped it in the frylator at Red Lobster! Needless to say, my face went no where near that pussy.
by Markytheballa3 April 26, 2010
Jealousy of anyone with a "winning" lifestyle
You see the look on that dudes face when I was making out with Caryn last night? That hater definitely had "Sheen-is envy"going on! Doesn't matter to me, I'm still winning
by Markytheballa3 March 14, 2011
A woman who has had multiple abortions is a "walking graveyard."
"You hear Amy had another abortion? I think that's number 3!"

"Yeah, that bitch is a walking graveyard! She should be on the pill!"
by Markytheballa3 February 08, 2009
A fancy term for semen.
I sprayed my white pellets of fertility all over Beth's face last night. And she loved it!
by Markytheballa3 March 08, 2009