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is a combination of a few words. din stands for din din, dinner. Yum is yummy. sway is swaying. However, in this combination din means din din, yum stands for amazing kissing (French kissing) and sway means that there is romantic swaying involved during the yum (kissing). In other words, dinyumsway encompasses an extraordinarily cool evening between two people who are romantically inclined towards each other.

dinyumsway is always to be spelt together. Never separately. One can only separate the words if one desires to accentuate the awesomeness of one particular aspect of dinyumsway that has been had. Or if to say, one wants even more of the din yum sway of dinyumsway.
A: I want some dinyumsway.
B: Yeah, how about Thursday?

A: I had me some dinyumsway last night.
B: How was it?
A: It was yum! Had me lots of din din', a whole lotta yum, and some swaying during the yum.

A: I want some more yum and sway!
B: Bring it!!
by sugarpopcandylola December 09, 2010
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