a stupid person
he's such a dinlo, he thought the sign that said "wet paint" was an instruction.
Top Definition
The true definition of this word is slow or retarded, it is a Romany (gypsy language) word that has been adopted widely by the east coast.
"You are such a dinlo sometimes!"
by Tony L March 01, 2004
Dinlo is a term used in the Portsmouth area for someone who is thick or stupid, perhaps of naval origin. Derivatives: Dinney
"Shut your face you dinlo", "When I said that they all looked at me as if I was being dinney"
by Dave September 30, 2003
A person who is devoid of intellect, or someone who does something particularly stupid. Has been used in the New Forest area for years.
You dinlo.
by John January 14, 2004
someone who is a bit thick or stupid
I can't believe you locked your keys in the car, you dinlo!
by ian gregory July 21, 2003
A person who thinks they are getting a good deal on goods and/or services, but in reality; is getting screwed over.
"We got another dinlo, were charging her $500 just to install Windows Vista on her computer!!"
by Agent Sniffles December 25, 2007
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