Top Definition
1. A close aquintance, used in an exclamatory way.
2. A bartender
3. An employee at starbucks
4. An anus.
5. Any species of otter.
6. Three men who ride to work together becuase they can't afford a car.
7. A penis
1. My dinkletinks
2. Dinkletinks give me a beer!
3. Dinkletinks my coffee diesn't have room for cream.
4. I love poking around with your dinkletinks.
5. That dinkletinks swims quite gracefully for such a filthy water vermin.
6. Look at those dinkletinks smooshed together like a buncha' gay-wads.
7. Do you want me to put my dinkletinks up in your dinkletinks?
by dinks October 17, 2006
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