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1.) A very confusing, scary person that has difficulty with the English language.
2.) The act of getting crack on your brother Lat's Monitor.
I scary. I am confusing. I am King of the Desert. Lap dances make you crazy. I am the Woman. She's Fast. Don't look at E. when you carry the heavy thing.
by NA April 25, 2003
the leader of a group known as a ka-tet; the leader assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her ka-tet under certain circumstances; taken from Stephen King's Dark Tower series
Jake looked up to his dinh, Roland of Gilead
by J Andrews September 22, 2004
The Đinh Dynasty is a significant figure in the restoration of Vietnamese independence in the tenth century.
I would love to be a dinh
by vdinh110 January 26, 2009
a cool, short, not a lawn gnome.. and dont have any association with any durgs what so ever!!!
damn i wanna be a dinh
by Tommy Pham January 27, 2004
the last name of a super cool and phat hippo; also, see scandalous
That Dinh. Wutta buddy.
by silly rabbit October 23, 2004