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accessories, paraphenalia, optional add ons
I bought a Lexus but they only had my choice of color with a lot of dingo dango.
by ducktreeshia June 24, 2009
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synonymous with bingo bango, ranging from a wide variety of physical objects or actions, dingo dango can generally be substituted for any noun.
I was smoking a little dingo dango while the Finchy Business was giving her the bingo bango.
by The Big Boot March 03, 2008
A group of Australian canines with large oversized testicles.
Them Dingo Dango's just walked thru town swingin their junk from side to side. It was impressive.
by captainpoo November 06, 2009
"Dingo dango" is a phrase, when spoken over an aviation channel, is allowed to be uttered by only flight instructors to other flight instructors. The meaning is similar to saying "ok, sounds good!"
Air to air conversation between flight instructors:

Pilot 1: "When I get on the ground I'll meet you for lunch."

Pilot 2: "Dingo Dango! See ya later."
by to much time on hands July 06, 2009

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