a cross between a dingleberry and a pudgemuffin
ha you little fat fuck go wipe your ass you stupid dinglemuffin
by dont worry bout it December 10, 2004
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An overly sarcastic person (normally a female), though is not at all un-loved or hated, but in fact loved and cherished by those around them.

Dinglemuffin's are often have negative attitudes towards personal outcomes are upcoming events, yet they are often wrong about said events and outcomes of past events.

adj. -dinglemuffinish
Person 1: "I love masculine men!"

Dinglemuffin: "oh yes, because your boyfriends sooooo masculine."

Person: " Oh HAHAHA you are one funny dinglemuffin.



Person 1: "Oh shut up, you did fine."

20 min. later

Dinglemuffin: " I GOT 100 ON MY TEST!"
by carogray13 November 30, 2009

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